Amazon Micro instance performance

I’m using the micro instance with ubuntu server and EBS under free tier usage. I’ve tried to upload the project to a website and was pretty surprised that zipping the project on the dev machine and unzipping it on the AWS instance took much more time than just transferring all files.
The reason is simple - unzip command took VERY long to finish. I think, around 30 mins or so.
Given I have a 10 MB archive with framework, project, lots of JS and essential portion of images. Why it took so long to extract such little archive?

My bet would be because it is a free micro instance with very limited horsepower in general. Given that amazon web services is going through nightmares with big, paying customers particularly with the EBS service it doesn’t surprise me that things are slow.

It seems that the bottleneck is not EBS… I know about the recent problems with it and I understand that may be an issue. But top show 99% CPU load… Is unzipping so cpu-intensive task? I never noticed that on my laptop :slight_smile:

Zipping files is basically a massive calculation, so it can be quite CPU-intensive in cases where you don’t have enough CPU power to go around. Like a micro instance on EC2. The storage angle probably doesn’t help – the cloud-based storage is not horribly performant. Something EBS was trying to address . . .