Amazon Cloud Server & FTP

Our programmer says that it’s better not to install FTP on our Amazon Cloud server because of “overhead” and “permissions”.

Why is this?


I would concur with your programmer:

overhead: the daemon will occupy space on the server (and will require an upload directory which you’re not likely to keep cleaned out) not to mention traffic (bandwidth).

permissions: allowing FTP to a server opens a door for hackers not to mention the issue of controlling who gets what access to which directories with their passwords. To me, it’s a security issue and the cloud makes it more widespread.



The overhead of an ftp service (if used by the site developers only, as opposed to a public ftp service) is inconsequential - you need to transfer the files so bandwidth and file space will be used anyway, and memory use is extremely low relative to apache and mysql.

I agree that it’s better not to run one purely from the security perspective i.e ftp is often used unencrypted, can be a target for malicious content on a users computer, and will get spurious login attempts.