AMAZING DAY - how do I make it a regular thing?

Hi guys,

so yesterday was the biggest day I’ve had in traffic since 2005. My site received 46,026 Visits and 292,872 Pageviews and I made over $1,000 in revenue.

Now, the soul reason for this was because of 23k visits from the Bing search engine because of a Keyword phrase: “wwe stars reunite umaga”

Now oddly today, my site isn’t even showing up in the first 3 pages for that term anymore, yet sites that were alongside mine are still there today, which makes me think yesterday was some kind of fluke.

This got me thinking that this kind of thing doesn’t happen enough. I need more traffic from search engines and i want to be near the top for keywords over the main search engines and account for a lot of daily traffic from them. I’ve done SEO on the site to the best of my knowledge and the site is PR Rank 4 which is average I guess.

On an average day, I received around 2.5k visits from google, 400ish from Yahoo and around 250 from Bing. The rest aren’t worth mentioning.

My question is how do I make yesterday more of a regular occurrence and increase my visits from search engines? I’d LOVE to be in a position (I’m sure we all would) where I receive a steady 7-10k visits from search engines and maybe double/triple some days… I have whatever budget is required to do this but I’m not sure what to do next. Could individuals on here help? Any SEO companies with a reputation for meeting my aim?

Looking forward to some replies :slight_smile:

Lots of careful study! I hope you have analytics installed. Obviously, you want the keyword back up in the results. You just need to understand better why Bing might have promoted you. It may remain a mystery for a while, but it is also a sign that you are doing some things right, and should continue doing those things.

yeh complete mystery and I don’t think it’s a good sign that my link isn’t even there today. I do have analytics installed but they keywords I perform on are really only applicable to my actual domain name. Other things I’d want to be higher for aren’t there at all. The wrestling market is very saturated so it’s pretty difficult as it is.

research what bing likes.
make a routine to work on that.

it could be that your site would come back soon. but i wont really wait for that, rather start working.

cheers guys, any more suggestions peeps?

Would there be any benefit of me hiring a company to help me with this?