Am I the only one that has just now heard about "Sublime Text 2" editor?

Apparently it’s the best there ever was. Trying it tomorrow morning. I’ve never been complete with DW.

I’ve been using for about 2 or 3 months now and it rocks. There is no editor that even comes close in terms of speed, and I’ve tried a lot of them.
ctrl+p is your friend. I hardly ever browse using the file tree. If I want to open say htdocs/styles/main.css I just type ctrl+p, ‘htstmain’ (or less, depending on what else is there) and it pops up. Just press enter and it opens. Looking for the declaration of #footer, hit ctrl+p, type ‘@footer’, and there you go.
I could go on for a while, but long story short it totally rocks.

I learned a lot from these tutorials:

Sublime has a great UI and is a doddle to use. I am hooked on Coda for the Mac and Komodo on the PC but would rate Sublime as a worthy standby.

Nice link thank you!

So I’ve been playing with Sublime. It’s very nice. Not in love with the code highlighting options. Maybe I can find a plugin for more options. One thing I havnt been able to figure out though is… In DW I like how you can define a site. So when you open the app all your websites are there showing in the sidebar. I have failed to find that option in Sublime. I can only just open a folder or file. Is there a way to define a site or project like DW does? Thanks!

Have a look at:

It’s alright, but for Windows I much prefer using Komodo Edit.

Just got used the sublime text 2 two months ago, I like to get the new one but you need to buy it

Seems like a good one, although i`ve never heard of it. Thanks for the share.

I like the highlight and still struggle with the page search.

Find in files is very good.