Am I supposed to mention my vision mission statement on website

I am running digital design agency and have a website that lists all the services.
Few days back one of my colleague asked that I should list down my vision and mission statement on my site as it will let people know about my corporate branding strategy and will help them know about my company and the services lot more.

I’ve seen so many digital design agencies site not including this on their website.
So, what do you guys suggest me.

If you have seen this on other sites and others have suggested it to you, what reasons have you got for NOT doing so???

There is no particular reason I could find. However, I have that in documented form with me but not on a website and as far as I see lot of companies are not using. I believe, this should be my portfolio that should advocate on my behalf. Since, mission statement has been an old way to make promises.
I am specific in terms of Digital Design Agency.

Real people don’t care for “mission statements”, they want answers to help them solve their problems and to find good products and services.


I agree with @bluedreamer. Companies spend far to much time and effort coming up with basically the same wording as everyone else. I’d much rather see examples of your work and let that speak for itself, or highlight/explain the important parts of your examples that non tech users will see as an advantage over other companies who don’t explain it.

@bluedreamer @Noppy thanks for your generous feedback and yeah this is what I mean. However, still people portray it. So, from this I have another question. How about a business that is offering intangible services and can’t portray the work samples. Should they still avoid using it?

Having watched our company be burnt by companies offering ‘the most amazing solution to x and y’ i am now of the mind that no one should get the job without showing us examples of what they have done (actually i’ve always thought this but for some reason i get ignored).

In the real world that still might not protect some people as often ‘Joe client’ is not going to really know the difference between something that just looks good vs something that is actually good. But hopefully if you were to put something like ‘All my work is validated html’ on your site and they asked another company who said ‘oo err well mostly sometimes maybe’ then the client would hopefully come back to you even if they don’t fully understand what html validation is, they will now want it.

This is obviously my own opinion rather than fact so it’s entirely up to you how you want to do it. :slight_smile:

I would add it to the website for a simple reason, the website looks better with more content.

Putting up a Vision/Mission statement on your website allows the readers to know what they can expect from your services. The better your statement is, the more your audience will get attracted. It’s some kind of marketing strategy too.

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