Am I stretched too thin or am I not that good?

This may be a dumb question but I haven’t been in the workforce long enough and I’ve entered front-end development as somewhat of an outsider. I’m currently employed at a place where I am the only developer of any reasonable skills. I’ve been tasked with creating two websites, from design to development, each entailing several pages and of course a design review process. As well I’ve been asked to create a calendar/reservation web application. All three tasks by the end of the year (three weeks?).

Is this a normal workload and set of expectations? If so, I need to dramatically improve.

That doesn’t sound normal to me. Two full websites in three weeks? That’s one website per week and a half! If it were me, I’d give them what the heck they’re subconsciously asking for, which is two pre-designed templates and a bunch of dummy text!!

No that isn’t normal for a single developer.
Although it’s not unusual to be asked (I was asked to create an entire site in 8 hours by a previous employer!) its a pretty unreasonable ask.
To do that and get a calendar app done by the end of the year is never going to happen unless like documaker suggests - slam them with a pre made template or a bill for outsourcing the work.

What kind of sites are they? From your post, they don’t seem to be too extensive, so if you choose to use some easy-to-use CMS such as WordPress and bung on a standard template filled with lorem ipsum dummy texts, it might be possible.

Also, what does this calendar app need to do? Show a calendar? Write a HTML page, load jQuery up and then use an inline datepicker. When someone clicks on a date, make it send an e-mail. There they go, that’s the calendar they need.

However, if they want any kind of quality, they’ll really, really need to give you the time you need. A deadline is always good, especially if it motivates you to working at 105% (well, I always work best under a bit of pressure), but it has to be at least somewhat realistic.

Off Topic:

Excuse my sarcasm, I get irritated by people who don’t know what our work entails assuming we can do everything within an hour or two :slight_smile:

rpeg: Quick, get out while you still can!

Nah just kidding, front end dev is the bestest thing ever :slight_smile:

Agree that it’s probably an unusual workload, though it would depend on what the requirements are. If you and your employer are happy with some out of the box functionality for a booking/reservation system, tell them to buy one of the shelf, it will save weeks of dev time and be a lot cheaper and custom building. (There is probably a tipping point where the bespoke functionality required is worth writing the entire thing from scratch, but with quick turnaround projects that’s usually not the case).


You mean you can’t build a widget in 2 hours?! For shame! (:

Also, I love a good meeting about how we can use “HTML5” best in <insert new website> we’re building. Because of course doing something in “HTML5” will make it 10x quicker to develop in than Flash… right? Ah, account managers… my day wouldn’t be as fun without them :P[/ot]