Am I really at fault for offending customers on Twitter?

I work for a company that deals with church people. I am NOT religious.

So, one day I created a Twitter account. I had this account for several months, and then a co-worker found it and followed me. Then my boss found it, and he started following me too. THEN, my boss–without asking me–added me to the company list.

I said the word “Damn” and things like “I am going to murder my neighbor if his dog does not stop barking at midnight.” Needless to say, they made the list private, and they were not happy with me. My boss recommended I then apologize to the company heads. I did.

But was I morally obliged to do so?? Was I really at fault? I mean hell, that was my personal Twitter account–and they never asked me whether I wanted to be on the company list. So…didn’t they kind of bring this on themselves? Should I not be able to say whatever the hell I want to say on my PERSONAL Twitter account?

Be the bigger man - apologize for it, then ask to have your account removed from the list. Explain that it is your personal twitter account, and as such, you don’t want to give the impression that your opinions are those of your organization.

If anyone’s at fault I’d say it’s your boss. Did he not check to see if the content would be suitable for the company audience?

Of course you should be free to express yourself on your personal account, whether anyone chooses to use your content on their own accounts is really up to them.

To get this resolved I think you need to tell your boss that this is your personal account (emphasising personal) and if he doesn’t like what you’re saying simply to remove it from his list.

You should not be the one to apologise in this case, I think your boss should apologise to you!

Like Dave said, take the high road. If you knew your feed was exposed the way it was then you too had a responsibility as well. If you know your company and its clients are following your personal feed you should either post responsibly or let your boss know that he should not follow your personal feed.

Likewise, Its an overreaction to have you apologise and all of that.

Take the high road but have a chat with your boss as well.

Is your boss your neighbour as well? :shifty:

Not my neighbor but is also my “friend” on Facebook…

Sucks to have your boss know every single thing about your personal life. None of their business! All they should be concerned with is whether you get your job done. Period.

I guess as an employee you are an extension of the business and what you say could be misconstrued as the opinion of the business in question (even though they are at fault for adding you to the company list without permission). If it were me I would simply say that what you said wasn’t intended to represent the business as it was your personal account and in the future could your boss ask your consent or at least read the content before making what you say part of the company infrastructure (as you had no idea your personal life would be made company property), after all… they wouldn’t want what they say in their home life posted as business policy. :slight_smile: