Am I allowed to pull divs from display:table-cell?

Hi Guys

Not been here awhile. However, I do know that sitepoint is busy as ever.:smiley:

Have a look here.

Currently you can see the table on the left, just so you can see what’s going on. I will eventually move the table using position:absolute some 1000px or so to the left so it’s not seen.

I will then position the content of some cells showing just the necessary data to the user (as in the above page). You see that the divs overlap, which is way I want the user to see it, and I will be animating the divs using jQuery, swopping data and moving them to center and back, and vice versa.

If some users do not have CSS switched on they will see the table in any case.

My question is, is this allowed? Am I contravening any “laws” here?

If I’m not clear and you are intrigued enough to bother, ask away!

Many thanks


Correction: if the user has styles switched off then I will need to serve an html table, if possible, otherwise they will just see a jumble of data. But that’s not the issue…

And I’m being stupid - I might just as well use a standard table and use position:absolute.

IE7 and under do not support display:table

Thanks Rayzur. I see it doesn’t work for <IE7 though. :eek: Have to consider browser sniffing…

My question is, is this allowed? Am I contravening any “laws” here?

No, your breaking any laws there. The concept is no different than a dropdown menu that is hidden off screen and then revealed when hovering over a list item with a nested UL.