Am i a nut job?

Yes the title say’s it all except the why’s. So I would like to know is this just something in my head or do more programmers do this than just me?.

When i sit down to code lets say my own projects i have this horrible feeling that something i write can always be better so i throw away the versions i just wrote and try to write something better that seems or aka what the masses say is one of the best implemented for examples… “i have tried this one more than once”… the zend DB and i find myself writing the same functions just in my own code… then after 3 - 7 days of hard core programming and testing i accomplish a rough draft. Guess what i keep telling myself it always can be better i mean i wrote this why don’t i write something even better!.. So here i’am 3 months later and im still at square one but with more awareness of my ever growing problem of it can be better…

There is often a compromise between getting the project completed and perfection.
On one hand, we want to do the best we can.
On the other hand, we need to be pragmatic.
It doesn’t serve our clients to never finish their work.

Let me give you a saying …

Good enough is

Remember that. There is NO SUCH THING as perfect. There is only good enough and more than good enough. That’s it.

If you can only make something good enough, or more than good enough, and if “more than good enough” does you no good, then why waste your time doing it?

Stop when it’s good enough and move on and actually get something done.

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first off let me say this is not client’s work as i have learned to excel under pressure. But the majority when i find myself in these types of situations i know the under lying problem as i have for my entire life but it is also the reason i’am so good at so many things. I have this burning fire in me for competition and an undying drive to have to be the one of the best ever at what ever i do doesn’t matter if i’m well known or not i just have to go till i feel that way. So everything i write for myself not client work has to be the absolute best ever written and that everyone has to use it , see it , want it , learn it , once i have it to this point once i have conquered this feat i will have successfully excelled to myself. This is the problem as it will never be good enough till it is the absolute best ever. But this is also my shining star as is push’s me hard and long i work at coding every single day atleast 10 hours a day learning , coding to push to be the best. So no one else feels like this? well then i think i might need some serious counselling.

I had a friend like you in college , he was very smart but never satisfied with his work. many times I used to take his ideas and present it to my professor and end up with several A’s because of him.

sorry to say that but you are a very smart guy but lack self-confidence

relax bro

Set some limits. Rather than trying for the absolute best ever, aim for the best you can do within a time frame, or within a budget, or using a particular method. Once you’ve completed that, you can build on it and try for the best using another method, budget, time frame etc., but you will at least have one completed version.

That is very good advice and i’am going to have to give that a try. (“Thank you”) But this now brings up a question why don’t we have a minimum standard so people can now what they wrote sucks and we overall will have a more unified code base throughout. So we all will know the code we work on is atleast this good.

Most of the great creators were perfectionists, are you creative in other areas like art or music?
I constantly re-write my work as well, but have learnt to set boundaries and try to have a balance with other stuff that’s truly more important, family, friends, enjoying life etc.

Something that may help is reading this book, one thing it does is highlight what is truly valuable in a web application.
Most programs and web sites aren’t life critical things, most of them just aid sharing knowledge or experiences, or helping people achieve something that’s valuable to them. Don’t get too caught up in the details that don’t really matter.

Just do your best in your work and finish it. Do not try to be perfect, sometimes good enough is good enough. Do not stress yourself too much. As for the minimum standard you are talking about, it will always be you who should set a standard for your work.