Alternatives to PayPal on my PLR site?

Hi all,

Wondering if I should be considering alternatives to PayPal on my PLR site. I know that PP takes a significant cut after sale commissions and monthly fees…hoping to find one that works well, is trusted by Internet Marketing customers, and is easier on my wallet.

I have a lot of great PLR articles, but feel like I might be getting shorted. Anyone have an idea or suggestions on how to go about this differently?


The fee is not that big with PayPal compared to others. But what you probably want is your own merchant account. You will have lower fees, but will pay some monthly costs. For example check or Moneris.

thanks so much! :slight_smile: will check those out. is not a merchant account, it’s a payment gateway. You’ll need both a merchant account and a gateway, and pay fees to both, to process credit cards directly on your site.

The fees merchant account providers quote you are going to be misleading. You pay a different transaction rate depending on what kind of credit card is used on your site; there can easily be 30+ different categories of cards and different rates. If someone pays you with a rewards card, that costs you more than if they pay you with a basic check card that doesn’t have a rewards program.

In the end, you’ll find that PayPal’s flat fee is often cheaper. Not always, but often. Especially once you do enough volume to qualify for their merchant rate pricing (as low as 1.9%). It’s not a bad deal, and much better than most other 3rd party processors.