Alternatives to Maxcast for video?

I’m doing a site for a client where they want to share videos of seminars and training sessions with their members (login protected area)

Up until now, they’ve been using Maxcast but it seems with them you get a limited number of ‘channels’ under which to group videos under. You can only link directly to a channel and not the video, which is quite lame. There is an option for unlimited channels, at a high cost.

I wondered whether using something like Vimeo might be better but I don’t have much experience with video. The important things are no ads (i.e. youtube), ability to link direct to a video or group of videos and the ability to make videos private with a simple pass or via a special link.

Has anyone here had experience with Maxcast, who can recommend a good alternative (doesn’t have to be free)

We’ve recently started using Fliqz at work, which seems pretty good. A similar, though slightly more expensive option is BrightCove.

I can’t remember which service SP used when they started the courses but that may be interesting too.

I know Livestream - Be There :: Broadcast LIVE streaming video because it is used as a TV online channel for a national TV channel in Spain. They broadcast both the traditional way and online using this service.

USTREAM is the site first used by SP to deliver their live Q&A sessions :slight_smile:

I get to explore from a friends suggestion for the same service and it worked well.

gotomeeting is a service to do meetings and live classes and it works fine but although you can record the session, people needs to be there. These other video streaming services allow you to either do a live session or record your tutorial and publish it, either for everyone or for a selected public (those who paid, as an example)