Alternatives to Lightboxing

Hi there,

Got a bit of a problem here.
As one of my latest web projects uses quite a bit of imagery (though not excessively so!) I have a problem with displaying this information in a small area. Before the age of Responsive Web Design I would have opted for a lightbox-based solution to display a gallery of images in turn but now that isn’t really user-friendly on a number of tablets and mobile phones because of user journey difficulties (ie. helping the user find where they’ve come from, while still displaying a sizeable-enough image for them to see).

My thought was to simply place individual images in slides on an iOSSlider or something so that the user is able to scroll through them at their leisure. However, this means that perhaps some of what I consider my best work gets lost behind slides 1 and 2 since the user skips over them in favour of some other content.

Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying these new challenges with RWD but this particular one has got me stumped. Text and a small number of images is easy but to display a gallery? Maybe that is the answer itself…a small number of images and text?

Let me know your thoughts.



Not sure that I understand your problem. The one thing that I can say is that we may consider site 1 or 2 our best jobs but… some other people may think otherwise :smiley:

I guess one solution is to go big like they do (although I’m not sure that this is a solution for you because, I insist, I’m not sure that I understood your problem :D)

Haha oh of course :). Okay, well my problem is that I used to house a lot of my work in a lightbox but with the revolution that is RWD, I have read and experienced for myself that lightboxes simply aren’t the way forward for mobiles, tablets and the like. Therefore I was wondering what other solutions people have come up with to make their work both interactive but easy to use at the same time?