Alternative ways for designers to earn residual income?

I was just wondering what some people do to earn residual income while freelancing? I currently resell hosting, payment processing (which doesn’t make much), and do some commercial printing. I never really got into the email marketing though. What are some ways you guys help fill the gaps?

Just a few quick ideas:

It take some time to build your online profile on freelancing websites, try to bid less than others and demonstrate some work related to the project you are looking for moreover design some T-shirts as it is possible that someone else like your design also you can go for How To’s and EBooks as you know your work line and you can write on behalf of your experience.

How about article writing, are there any sites that actually pay for your work or do you have to prove your worth before being accepted?

[FONT=verdana]Another possibility would be to sign up as an affiliate or re-seller for web-hosting companies. That would seem a natural fit with setting up websites for clients.

However, you need to avoid any risk of conflict of interest (where the client is paying you to recommend a web host). And, in any case, don’t expect to make mroe than pin money from it.


I would invest more time into education and widen the spectre of services you can offer. This way you will have a constant huge flow of project — ux and behavior analysis, mobile apps design, interface design, web site deasign, icons design, illustrations & artwork… something along these lines, there is always a place to improve.
I was selling stock photos at some point but i felt like whole process is eating through my time, although its a great business and source of income, just not entirely my thing.

As for reselling hosting, unless you are developing for wikipedia or creating 20 sites per month the income from this sort of activity should be really low imo.