Alternative to tabs

Hi guys

We are currently designing a website for a upper class bar, yet at the same time quite youthful. Some of the pages have subcategories For example on Food and Drink, there are subcateogries such as Lunch menu, Dinner menu etc.

But instead of using tabs, i want to use something more quirky, or fun shall we say. Just a nice subtle touch. We were originally going to use tabs, but seem so boring?

Any suggestions guys to sites that have example of cool ideas, or any links to some cool sites?

Thanks guys


Off the top of my head, what about having icon based navigation items for the stuff like food and drink, and then upon clicking an item have a section appear under the navigation (pushing the content down) with some links to each subsection (though have a close button in order to allow collapsing back to the original state). It might be cool to click on the type of info and have the links appear directly below the section clicked - abstract idea, but implementable. :slight_smile:

Use an accordion? Some examples: