Alternative to Infolinks

Anyone know a good alternative to Infolinks? The rates are just pitiful. There are clicks I am sending, which I do not even get a penny. VibrantMedia is much better, however, they do not garner as many clicks as Infolinks does. Kontera, last time I checked, as even worse.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I haven’t found any of the others to be anywhere near as good as InfoLinks for that particular type of advertising. My guess is that it is a form of advertising that is losing in effectiveness and that it is close approaching the time to try something else instead.

I certainly hope not. I took down those pops for intext. Any suggestions on a replacement for intext ads? Receiving a penny a click or less doesn’t help me much.

I can’t answer your question about Infolinks. I can only say that when I visit a site that uses them, I find them extremely irritating - to the point where I often prefer not to return to the site in question. If they really do make money, that’s fine. But I wouldn’t want them on any of the sites that I manage.


I think you should give a try for “Clicksor” or “Kontera” which are the best alternatives for in text adverstising for infolink.

you can try adbrite

They are the best alternatives but each will pay only a fraction of what InfoLinks pays and also the script they use to control the ads is several times the size and so your pages will load a lot slower causing Google to possibly drop your page several spots in the search results.

Other alternatives are all country specific and so will either be displaying meaningless ads to visitors from outside the one country they support or if they are smarter will simply not display ads to those outside of that one country - but they’ll still slow the downloading of the page for everyone.

Linkworth offer an inline ad option. Not sure how good it would be on your website but I’ve used it on my health blog and have seen about $0.08 per click.

Adbrite and Clicksor also offer inline adverts as well.