Alternative for heroku?

Hi Guys,

Can I ask what is an alternative for Heroku?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hey jemz,

What kind of apps are you hosting? (i.e. what is the stack it is built with)

Hi! Render’s Developer Community Manager here. I saw Render on this list. Just wanted to point out details on the free-tier, and migration doc in case that’s helpful to anyone here.


The alternatives article (referred to earlier) mentions GitHub Pages for static sites. For static sites Cloudflare Pages is as good as GitHub Pages and sometimes better.

Hi James,

Laravel Nodejs and Vue JS, also I want to use docker, although I was not able to successfully push the docker image to Heroku before. But I want to test running docker with my apps. if not possible to docker, just simply that I can host my apps.

What about renting a Digital Ocean droplet and setting up your own VM? They are available for as little a $4 per month. That’s the path I would be tempted to go.

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If you want to run it in Docker you can also have a look at Google Cloud Run.

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The best alternative to Heroku is a cheap VPS with Digital Ocean or Linode . Throw on the open source PAAS software and boom, cheap, simple and easy. Also, dokku author is very responsive in GitHub issues list.

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