Altering a SharePoint site

I’ve been taking care of a sharepoint site at work for a while and even if I design my own web parts I have no way to install them. Due to this I’ve done kind of a hackjob using CSS and altering master pages to get the look and feel that I want.

Anyway, I’ve put in a CSS drop-down menu bar at the top of the page using HTML. Because of this the menu is static and I have to go in and alter it as needed. However, would it be possible to write some code to querry folders and populate it with the appropriate links?

I’ve done a lot of static work in the past and I’m really comfortable in that and mildly comfortable coding in JS and PHP. I know this is a different beast and was wondering if this was possible, and if it is then where would I start?

Yeah. If your going to make any presentation changes, due so in the master page that Sharepoint uses. Put the JS/CSS into their appropriate folder, and call it from the master. You only need to change the master-page, all of the web pages should follow suit, if the “Content” element is add in the child pages. You could also create a User Contol, but that would be overkill for what you need. Anyways, changes in the master-page, and the edition of Content in child pages should do the job.

Good Luck

Try and wrap your customizations up in features and deploy them using solutions. Research both as they both will help keep things clean, tidy and reusable. Versioning then becomes easier too.

Presuming you are working with SP2007 or above.