Already registered domain - Owner lives in Singapore


I am looking at buying a domain for a personal site. However, I searched the whois and found the telephone number and address of the man who owns it. I also found his hosting company through the whois. I have sent the man an email with no reply, and then contacted support from his hosting company. They told me that they sent my information to him, and if he wanted to sell it then he would contact me. I have yet to hear from him. My only other option is the phone. Has anybody ever had a similar situation? Does anybody have any advice especially if the phone call doesn’t work?

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Or another domain name extension. I suppose that would be possible to find something with other domain name extensions there.

If someone ignores your trade offer it means he don’t need it, if telephone calling is not available you have to start searching alternative domain name

I suppose he still doubt if that worth to contact the owner at all

Is it possible to know if they have it set on auto renewal?

No, that’s between them and their registrar. If they don’t reply to your emails, they probably don’t want to be contacted or simply dismiss any buying offers. There’s little you can do other than hope they’ll let it go unregistered so you can grab it, contact them a while later or using other methods (phone, snail mail).

Just call him. It’s easy to delete an email but people usually take phone calls.

Any luck getting in contact with the owner?

I also found out the expiration date is semi-soon (about 5 months). Is it possible to know if they have it set on auto renewal?

If you are intersted in their domain name - the best option in this situation is contacting them and asking to help.

I’m surprised no-one has said give up and get a different domain name. If they’ve dismissed the emails it’s highly unlikely they’ll change their mind via cold calls.

You really shouldn’t pitch your hopes on getting a domain that’s not only in-use but (from what it sounds like) a real website (rather than a landing page). :slight_smile:

@Alex There is not a website in use for the domain.

I have contacted several times by phone and email with no luck. I finally asked their registrar to verify if the information is correct. 15 days have gone by and they have not heard back from the owner. From the appearance of the wayback timemachine there hasn’t been a website in use for a couple of years. I am waiting for the registrar’s last reply.

If there wasn’t a website in use then you would be able to purchase it.

Even one with advertising everywhere and nothing of value is still a website. If it’s been snatched (in whatever format), you’re probably out of luck. :slight_smile:

The domain is taken but like I said there is no website, no advertising, nothing.

Besides I am not someone who just gives up :slight_smile:

I believe every project starts from the domain name registration, then web site is being prepared and other. So that migt take some time and as owner of the domain name he is allowed to do whatever he wants to

I agree with you, but the thing that makes this domain very odd is that there hasn’t been a website on the domain for over 2 years and it has been registered since 2001. I know the domain has switch owners a few times and that is evident on the WayBack TimeMachine. That is really what makes one odd unlike most that either have a website or you know that it is in the process of being built. Either way I hope I get it. If not there are always alternatives.

You can certainly try as long as you want but we are just suggesting that you could allocate your efforts elsewhere and maybe even get a better domain name or figure something else more substantial out.

It’s certainly not unusual for websites to have nothing hosted on them for the duration of their registration.

So many people buy up boatloads of TLD’s with the intention of just trying to sell them for a profit (or don’t get round to use them). :slight_smile: