Already install joomla.. how to now install IPB?

hey guys… quick question…

i’ve installed joomla previously in my public_html (root) folder… so now inside public_html is:



i want to do a migration to IPB… so i will need to have a fresh install of IPB in my cpanel account

but the catch is i want IPB to be in the root folder as well…

but won’t that make the folder very messy?

how can i clear up the folder and make it clean? or should i just create a <ipb folder> and do the install there… and have the domain redirected to

hope i make sense…

Since you already installed joomla in public_html you won’t be able to install other software in same location.
You can install IPB in separate folder.

For the IPB forum, I would recommend just install in a directory called forum or forums.
Both are PHP scripts and many of the file names are exactly the same like index.php and etc. It will be WAY too messy.

And you could replace Joomla’s index.php with a simple one which contains a redirect to the directory you put your forums in.

Install IPB in a separate folder eg:[noparse][/noparse]. It will be much easier for administration too.