Alphabetically ordered

I have uploaded many hundreds of books - well, thousands - onto my free ebook site.

I made the mistake of not thinking out the presentation first, and now I need to list the books and authors. However, the files look like this (just a random example) -

<a href="cycling/07 Quirky London.pdf" title="Cycling stories for free on eBookTrove-dot-com.">07 Quirky London.pdf</a><br />
<a href="cycling/08 Wandle Trail.pdf" title="Cycling stories for free on eBookTrove-dot-com.">08 Wandle Trail.pdf</a><br />
<a href="cycling/09 From a Suit to a Fluorescent Jacket.pdf" title="Cycling stories for free on eBookTrove-dot-com.">09 From a Suit to a Fluorescent Jacket.pdf</a><br />
<a href="cycling/10 Alpine London.pdf" title="Cycling stories for free on eBookTrove-dot-com.">10 Alpine London.pdf</a><br />

This example has numbers to start the title, so that makes it simple. But usually the titles would be something like, The Wonder of Sitepoint, Love and affection in the PHP world, The Girl with the Kangaroo Tattoo … etc etc

So however it is to be ordered, it isn’t the first letter of the line, which is an angle bracket, of course, but AFTER the second angle bracket.

Could it be done in something like Excel, or is there another way, or any way, rather than having to do it by hand, which would be a huge job?

Yes, you can use Excel for that: use text functions. It’d be sth like (I don’t English Excel):

  1. find word “title”
  2. find the length
  3. extract the text from title+3 to the end
  4. sort by second column
  5. join these two
    Hope that helps