Allowing anybody to edit WordPress

Dear SitePoint Members,

I am trying to create a WordPress website which will grant back-end access to anybody without login in.

I have searched for plug-ins but unfortunately there is nothing on the marketplace, potentially because it’s a security risk.

The reason I wish to do this is because I want potential customers to edit their website before attempting to buy the theme. I would be using a virtual sandbox such as Ninja Demo to accomplish this.

Is there any way this can be accoplished. I think it’s not too common which is why I can’t find much information on it.

You could create a single user account and simply provide the login credentials to prospective clients.
At least that gives you a bit more control than completely uncontrolled access.

In that case I would recommend you ‘open’ to a client as-needed and then delete it after.

Hi ParkinT, long time no speak.

I would need the website not to have log-in credentials. The user can do what he wishes with the website as it’s all in a sandbox and their edits are only viewable to them.

The notion is for the user to customize the website and then follow to purchase the theme, if this makes sense.

Why not set up an account with “demo” and “demo” and just put the credentials on the login page?

Sidebar: Presumably you know what you’re doing with sandboxing this and safety, as allowing open admin access to a website you’re running to the Internet is, of course, bad. You’ll probably want to somehow arrange the sandbox environment to reset every so often…

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It seams long winded to have a demo demo account. I would prefer automatic log-in.

Ninja demo set’s a demo page for every user and resets it in intervals. It’s just the way they handle things. I’ve also sent them an email request so I will wait to see what they say.

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