Allow visitors to upload videos on my site pages via youtube

I chatted with a Youtube techie about how to do this & was told:

“I don’t know what your technical skill level is, but the type of
functionality you’re describing is not trivial to set up.
You can use a combination of the YouTube Data and Player APIs. If you don’t want to
write as much code and would like to leverage an existing platform,
there’s the YouTube Direct open source project (
p/youtube-direct/) which provides an uploader interface and a
moderation panel, with approved videos automatically added to a
specific playlist in a master account. Still, you need to be
technically savvy in order to deploy and configure YouTube Direct as

I’ve built my site in Dreamweaver (self-taught), & trying to add this element on some of my pages – do you think it’s really that difficult, or can someone help me take a stab at it?