All In Your Hands - an APIs Integration Platform

Hi to everyone, how are you ?

I’m Java developer since 2010 and I had developed two important projects. One of them was a software developed during my Final Paper (2010) which was a system for rearmonize a piano score developed totally in Java language. The other project, which I maintain since 2012 was a system that allows integrate different APIs (Restfull WS) in a java core module and expose the results of these integrations for the final clients in a transparent way.
The system was written totally in Java language, there are two VPS servers that maintain my services, into one of then (the main server) is deployed modules that uses the technologies EJB 3, JMS and AngularJS. You can find more details of the projects into my portfolio posted into my sitepoint profile.
The main contribution of this work is a software enable to integrate different APIs and generate a common result that can be consumed for third parties, besides that for the final client today is developed a portalweb and a android application that consumes this solution. You can find this portalweb/android app here: All In Your Hands

I would like, so much, to know your opinion about the project.

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