All I need to know to build a website

Hi all,

the last time I did some programming was about 6 years ago when I was at uni, after that I got an IT job none programming and since then have not looked at code although I still remember what I did, and when I start coding again it will all come back to me. However the situation is technology changes so quickly if you have not programmed for 2 more years your knowledge it out of date.

I been wanting to move on from my job and do something more technical, may be refresh my experience/knowledge in internet programming and build something real for free that will actually be used so I can use this as an example when applying for jobs.

Can someone please advice me where do I start from now?
I am considering technologies html, PHP, javascript, CSS and mysql as I used these previously to implement my uni project however there are so many other option available out there I am unsure I don’t know what would be easier and simpler. i.e. we now have free content management systems and servers. so I am thinking to use either Drupal, Joomla or Word press to manage the site. I know html has changed a lot since 6 years ago we now have html 5, but what is really the difference…I have no idea.

the idea here is I do not wish to start studying the whole of html, php or any other technology but to learn the features I need to build a free forum.

Are there automated tools out there that allow you to create CCS keeping html and php separate from CSS? and what are these tools?

From an employers point of view building a single website custom or using cms of choice doesn’t really make you any more qualified for a position than having not built the website. Either way you’re going to be looking at an entry level position. Therefore, I wouldn’t waste your time. Instead I would recommend trying to get your foot in the door immediately by either an internship or best case scenario an entry level position. Also Drupal has a very welcoming community. Perhaps begin working on some open source stuff within that ecosystem and use it as a way to network yourself into a position. That would be about a 1000 times for valuable than working on your lonesome on some project that no one will ever care about. Drupal 8 is in beta and I’m sure they would welcome some more testers.

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