All-Flash A Fast Track to Failure

Notice: This is a discussion thread for comments about the SitePoint article, All-Flash A Fast Track to Failure.

I am so glad there is a comments feature for this article as I’ve never been so bloody annoyed by the idiocy of some retard in my life. Your programming and development knowledge is obviously that of a childs. Where to bloody start, ok, we’ll go through each and EVERY ‘point’ you’ve made and I’ll tell you why every real programmer thats read the article thinks your an idiot!

Usability: Your point is that you can overdevelop an all flash site? Thats why you shouldnt do an all flash site?? Because people can over develop it!!! You can do that in any development method you cunt. If some retard is going to over do it in flash hes going to over do it in html! Feel like I’m talking to a child.

Accessibility Issues: This is genius… text resizing… screen reading… Have you ever even made anything in flash!?! And it has awesome features to interact with serverside scripts. You achieve any capability that any other web development method can achieve… apart from you of course… cos your a fucking moron! Stop wasting peoples time with shit I-KNOW-WHAT-IM-ON-ABOUT articles that are ALWAYS written by really fucking dumb cunts.

Modem issues: … dear god man, you’d think you have something right by this point… Your problem is you have this image in your head that developers that use flash just use it to create shiny glittery websites that are made to impress 18 computer geeks. Your idiocy truely makes me sad. Theres so many methods to make flash sites just as/faster than standard sites e.g. loading in nested movieclips for different elements on the page (same principle method as html loads a page) but again, you need to know what your doing (blatent-fucking-ly)

Well this is a dated article but I saw the above comment at SitePoint forums.

All I’d like to say is that, if you are introducing a new UI to the users of the website (that’s what you would do with custom scroll-bars etc. in a full-flash site) you should have a very good reason to make the switch.

Otherwise it’s like turning back to MSDOS days; where every application had its own UI.

A few years back I would have agreed with you about using Flash as your main web designing software… but now I have to disagree with almost all of it… such as: Flash should be used only for portfolios or web sites for entertainment or presentation purposes and not for “business sites” What??? If you think YouTube and Facebook aren’t real “business sites” then maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree. These two mega-websites are disguised as video-on-demand and social networking sites when, actually, they are advertising media sites. They both use Flash almost entirely due to it’s vast versatility and quick loading time. If they aren’t examples of a good “business site”… what is? Ever tried looking up a video or someone’s image on Google? What comes up first? A Facebook image and YouTube video, that’s what. Hmmmm… isn’t that interesting…

The truth is, someone with creative design ability (because Flash is designed for designers) and software knowledge can create ANY type of web site in Flash… and I might add, even MORE types than conventional HTML or JAVA. Using Flash, an experienced and talented designer can turn a “boring” report for some insurance company, complete with risk assessment values and age/mortality charts into an interesting and intriguing place to visit for almost everyone. Something you just can’t do very well with pure HTML… unless you’re a hypnotist and want to put them to sleep.

The bottom line is, if you know how to use it, and you’re a good designer, Flash has similar SEO visibility advantages as HTML, and always has, because Flash is actually HTML based.

The one point I do agree with in this article is that Flash is not a good tool to use for mobile surfers. They usually need pure HTML due to the low processing power of most mobile devices. But that’s due to change quickly.

So, use what you want for your web design… but I say, in most cases “why not use Flash?” when you can have your cake and eat it too. :^)