I’m having trouble again aligning the hand thumb at the bottom og the samples page.

Gone through validator and corrected - can’t find problem.

Once again, some of the boxes have fallen out of the

<div class=“main_content_wrapper”>

div—I think those after the violin. There seems to be an extra </div> tag.

Sorry Ralph - I gave it a go but I don’t follow.
Seems to be lots of </div> I can’t see any missing?

The validator results make it pretty clear where there are errors on your page:

Look at line 174, for example, where you have

<!-- Next Box

with no closing –>

Clear up those typos and let’s see if that helps.

Checked all good it won’t budge?

There are still some more errors there. Probably not the cause of the issue, but worth fixing first anyway:

This seems to be where the prollem is:

<div class="portfolio_box">
        	<ul class="gallery clearfix">
            	<li><a href="sample003.html" title="Click here to view the sample"><img src="images/green_grey/portfolio/003.jpg" alt="portfolio item" class="image"></a></li>
            <h4><a href="sample003.html">Violin</a></h4>
            <p>Front, back and side, Allow visitors and potential customers to rotate products, examine them in detail and make informed decisions.</p>
            <div class="learn_more"><a href="sample003.html">View Sample </a></div>

</div>[/COLOR]<!-- End of portfolio_box -->

You’ve got two closing divs there, rather than one.

Hi Ralph,
Thanks again for your help in sorting that.