Alignment of buttons in woocommerce site


I am new to this.
I am on my wat to build my first woocommerce store, and I facing a problem with alignment of buttons.
I want them to stick certain px’s from the buttom, but what i tried on the customise css doesn’t affect.
Help will be appreciated.

2 pages for instance:

Thanks in advanced,

Can you post up the HTML for the buttons in question and the CSS you’ve been trying to apply to it.


I can’t see any buttons either?

Thank you for your replies.

As a new user here I am limited with the amount of data I can upload here.
Please look at the following html which I will paste here at the second link which I wrote in my first message.

I wanted to add a screenshot of the buttons but I couldn’t.
Anyway, here the part of html which include such button.

Regarding the css I’m not familiar with the structure of files, so I don’t know where to look for. If you can guide me - your help will be appreciated.

Here is the html part:

        <span class="price">
            <span class="woocommerce-Price-amount amount">
                <bdi><span class="woocommerce-Price-currencySymbol">&#8362;</span>5.90</bdi>
        <a href="[?add-to-cart=2151](" data-quantity="1" class="button product_type_simple add_to_cart_button ajax_add_to_cart" data-product_id="2151" data-product_sku="" aria-label="להוסיף את &quot;זוג כפות הגשה וינטג&#039;&quot; לסל הקניות" rel="nofollow">הוספה לסל</a>
<li class="ast-col-sm-12 ast-article-post astra-woo-hover-swap product type-product post-2149 status-publish instock product_cat-disposable has-post-thumbnail shipping-taxable purchasable product-type-simple">

Thank you,

I’ve formatted your code as best I can. What you are seeing as a button is actually an anchor ( <a> ) element formatted to look like a <button> element. I’m guessing that is down to WooCommerce rather than yourself.

As it stands there’s not much I can advise on positioning as there are no other buttons in the code to align to and no CSS to understand what is supposed to happen to them.

I’m not familiar with the structure of WooCommerce so can’t give you any pointers as to where to find the CSS. You did say you’d been trying to do something to customise the CSS in your original post though which makes me wonder how you were doing that.

Hopefully someone with more experience with WooCommerce might be able to shed more light on things for you.

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