Align tabular text info to bottom of DIV

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really struggling to make this work and haven’t been able to.

Basically, I’ve got an image on the left and would like to add tabular details to the right of it, aligned to the bottom of the image.

The amount of text varies, so it would groe from the bottom. Here’s a diagram to show what I mean:

Is anyone able to point me into the right direction? Obviously, creating a container for the text is easy, but how do I align text to the bottom so that it grows from the bottom?

Many thanks for any help!

This did the trick:

Is there anyone who could briefly confrim that all current browsers are happy with this?

some people might throw their hands up in disgust but you could set the display property of the container to table with auto height, and sections within it to table-row.

Ok, great. THnaks a lot!

Works fine in IE6!