Alibaba "free trial" questions


Thanks for posting the “new user” link, I did not see that on the “free trial” page. If I had it would have cleared up a lot of my confusion.

Perhaps the most important fact is that the “free trial” is not a free trial at all. It is a “$300 credit”.


I’d say "It is a $300 credit to be used for certain services only”.


Well, it certainly took a lot longer than I imagined it would take to post a topic. But finally


Did you find your way around?


Not as much as I would have preferred to, mainly because account creation is a non-starter for me. But enough to get a general idea about what kind of products are offered, and to put together a topic that will hopefully be of some help for others considering using the service.


This is a good question. You don’t need to register or transfer a domain name to Alibaba Cloud to enjoy/test their free trial offer unless you are specifically deploying a website that demands for the same.

If you are starting out, you can try their service with the public IP address assigned to you(e.g. when you create an ECS instance)

Also, there are over 40 products that you can try on Alibaba Cloud without necessarily using a domain name for instance. you can provision an ApsaraDB and connect to it without requiring a domain name. They usually assign a free hostname for you to use.

Other products that you can try without a domain name include installing software applications like Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress e.t.c

So, you simply use the public IP address and only add a domain name when moving to production.

You can see how the Alibaba Cloud free credit is split among their products.