Alexa ranking and traffic - is there always a correlation?

There’s a website I wanted to make an unsolicited offer for. As per the data on their website posted very recently, their traffic is at an all time high of some 20,000 visitors per day. The Alexa rank is 1,50,000 +. At the same time, some 6-7 years back, their rank was < 75,000 and I know for a fact that they had 15,000-18,000 visitors every day then. What is the probability that the traffic figures being given now are genuine considering the huge drop in Alexa rank? I ask this especially as I plan to make an unsolicited offer and don’t want to offer too little or too much. Of course I’ll ask for access to the logs and Google analytics reports later.

Realy are only 2 parameters that take measure of different features of your site.

Alexa is more fast on update ranking taking care about all the new site that are incoming day per day.
Google take care about sites with better seo, that have a time online for test the quality of the seo, then sometimes take around 2 or 3 months look changes on the PR, but is fastest in the ranking alexa in comparision.
Alexa based their rank on the competition between sites, subdividing categories, like country, city, etc… but the PageRank of google give a very GENERAL rank on the entire index on google.

By the way, i think alexa is more impartial and fast, but sometimes is very useful count with a general rank of a site, like PR, because a very updated competitive rank can not be ever a good spot.

SOrry my english, i hope help you.

The Alexa ranking is dependent on the number of visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed. The higher the percentage of your visitors with it installed the higher the rank you will have for the same number of actual visitors.

Don’t make the offer until you have all the facts. I would get some rapport going before you talk numbers.

Fruitmedley gave some good advice on the subject in this thread.

This website have alexa rank 150,000 and have 11-12k unique users per day. Two months ago had 16-19k/per day and alexa rank was 127,000. Hope this will help.

I will advise you not to go with that,It looks fictitious.
If it happens to have such traffics daily,there would have been a change in the ranking (Though not perfect),I will only believe that if he can admit that the site’s traffic has dropped.