Alexa rank different for pages from same website

I have a website (withfriendship . com) which have pictures, jokes, videos etc. Actually for all the categories there is no change in alexa rank but for pictures category for each slideshow i have different alexa rank. I know alexa rank is not much important it just shows according to visitors. But why is this so? Why there are changes in rank for different pages? It means alexa is considereing my each page has a website.

Hi Altax! I agree with you, it is indeed the same for every page of one website when it comes to alexa ranking. I don’t think it would be of any difference unless its a completely different website.
Do you have 301 redirect by the way? maybe your image page has a different url (with www or without).

bcz each and every page have not same quality

the way in which page rank should work is to calculate the individual page rank of each of your individual pages of content and then these will contribute to the overall rank of a website. So it is entirely possible to have a page with a PR2 and yet the whol site be ranked PR0. This is because most search engines adopt a complex algorithim for calculating this. I would concentrate on google which is far better than alexa

Does it mean each page are different in the view of alexa. Only page rank differ for each page in website but alexa remain the same for all pages in a website… Don’t they?