Alexa Online Since


I was wondering if anyone can help answer this question…

My alexa stats will not pull in the “Online Since” information. Does anyone know where alexa picks up this info?

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Just go to and update your site information, use alexa toolbar and put alexa site information widget on your site. I will work in 95% cases

I wouldn’t even worry about it, Alexa doesn’t make a darn bit of difference to your traffic, it’s probably the most poorly cited source for visitors in existence.

Simple point of fact, Alexa get’s it’s data from the few who install their toolbar. It’s easy to manipulate, it’s not accurate and it’s just statistically insignificant. :slight_smile:

It could be picked up as the first time Alexa saw the site, the first time the domain was registered (currently) or the first time it was registered through history (if it was left to expire then picked up again)

There are many ways to tell the age of a site.