Alert and popup not showing in IE

Hi guys,

I’ve been using a javascript confirm() box on submission of certain forms (i.e. when deleting a record) but I cannot get any popups to work in IE7.

Even the simplest:

<script type=‘text/javascript’>alert(‘Test’);</script>

In the <head> of the page isn’t working. All my other browsers show it perfectly, including IE6.

Is this to do with the security settings of IE7?

I’m using the standalone version of IE7.

As far as I know there is no security setting that will prevent alert boxes from displaying in IE7.

Stupid question, but no errors/warnings at all were generated during the page load when you run the script debugger?

If you run it in Firefox, are there any errors/warnings generated in Firebug?

My first suggestion would be to turn on JS debugging in IE. Internet Explorer complains very loudly when it encounters JavaScript errors, so I’m curious to know if it’s hitting a syntax error somewhere else on the page. That might prevent the JS code you posted from running.