Ajax result page to detail page and back again?

hmm, i am really struggle with this. What seemed to be simple is becoming a major headache :wink:

I am trying to get the back button or just a go back to work with an Ajax div?

here’s a minimal ajax enabled

but i want it to be ajax enable with the back button and for this i am trying BBQ (benalman.com/code/projects/jquery-bbq/)



But i can’t get back to a resulting page after filters have been selected???

Anyone have a solution??

An effective way to control the back button is to set the fragment identifier when you go to a new ajax view. That way the page doesn’t reload, but the fragment identifiers are stored in the history, so going back and forth ends up going to different fragment identifiers that your script has set in the location address.

Have a look at the way that gMail works, for example.

How you would structure this, is to set location.hash to a keyword for the new view of the page. Then you trigger a function that also runs on the page load.
That function checks location.hash, and uses that value to trigger one process or another.