Hi there guys,

Take a look at the following code:

$( "#reorder" ).click( function(e) {
			  $holder = $('#form1').serializeArray(); //gets everything from the form and puts it in associative array (holder)
			type: 'POST',
			url: 'http://will.site88.net/jake/multimedia.php',     //send array data to payment/check method confirm
			data: $holder ,
			success: function() {
			location = 'http://will.site88.net/jake/multimedia.php';

#reorder is a submit button so I want to prevent the default action and then do the POST and reload with JS (This is because I want to use a modal confirm which I haven’t put in yet)

Anyway, it seems to be aborting the AJAX POST halfway through and jumping straight to the reload, I have inspected the network tab in various browsers and what I’m typically seeing is the POST appearing for a split second and then vanishing.

It works fine without JS, and I am testing for this with my php script. The script doesn’t even acknowledge receipt of the POST variable with JS switched on. Does anyone know what is happening??

Worked fine for me, hope you don’t mind but now you have one item in your list :confused:

Hey no worries,

Fixed it now! thanks