Ajax pop ups, ajax content etc

I have a portal that has a good textual content. It is kind of game. When user come to the portal, ajax pop up shows to offer to a user credit and gift. Articles are rotating on home page, but if user doesn’t have javascript anabled, than only couple articles shows without rotating.

Could be this any problem for google? I heard some stories that google doesn’t like pages with pop up and also doesn’t like pages where different content is showen. It is the same content with exception that user with javascript will see more stories because it will rotating, but how will google know that.

What are your thoughts about that since my goal is to get primary traffic from Google?

thanks for response. I am a bit late.

So what if all what I want to do is to show 1 time to user ajax pop up (similar pop up as facebook have it) and only after he/she visit at least 3 pages. What would be the best option to avoid any problems about SEO?

Maybe to execute javascript after user is on the page at least 2 seconds? This would means google will never get this because it probably leaves pages before 2 seconds.

And if Google doesn’t execute javascript. Do I even need to worry, will Google even execute showPopUp() js function which shows this pop up? The function won’t be as link.

Google can read JavaScript - it just won’t execute it.

Depending on how your content is introduced (there’s specific best-practice methods for allowing indexation of AJAX content that exists outside of the page, as well as JavaScript content on the page), then yes you will have issues.

You should ALWAYS code in away that you allow for the lowest common technical denominator to be able to ‘see’ the content (use a screenreader as an example - Google is often likened to the Lynx browser in the way it sees a webpage).

I don’t think that it’s a ‘pop-up’ issue (that normally only affects PPC).

There’s plenty of methods (jQuery etc) that fully are progressive enhancements to the page - meaning that the page is functional without the JS, and those browsers that have JS enabled get the richer experience.

I realized my question is not clear enough. As far I know, Google can not read javascript. If Google can not read js then he won’t even know that any ajax pop up dialog message exists. And that is where my confusion comes from, why some people say that I should avoid to show ANY ajax pop up dialog msg.