Ajax page load wordpress?

Hello i have problem with ajax page load on my site.

My site i have installed countdown for my product woocommerce.
But if i want go on this page through my MENU,countdown DISAPPEAR.
If i disable ajax page load,countdown loading.
Please help me,i can’t disable ajax page load because i want that my player radio continuous music.
I have already ask supporter theme but not respond. Is there any solution? My priority to have the player playing continuously but i want to show countdown products.
What did I do to try to solve?
I think that with javascript i can solving this problem because:
In my file theme javascritpt this: http://gamesrad.altervista.org/wp-content/themes/Vice%201.5.9/vice/js/qt-main.js?ver=20140825
I have added this code: https://gyazo.com/0370b8bb5d6330e5b928644d0732e9a6
(woosalescountdow is plugin that i use for countdown) and with this code,countdown working if i connect at page through menu.
But if i want in this page without going through the menu happened this:
( sorry i can’t add more 2 link) countdown is BROKEN.

Any solution?

Sorry for my english,i can’t write english so i want show in my video for help me:

I’m having trouble getting the page to load so I can look at my browsers dev tools for potential problems. And I have a relatively fast cable connection.

I’m thinking there’s a good chance the problems are related to the weight of the page. (around 23 MB)



PageSpeed Insights (can’t determine speed)

I think the best chance of debugging the JavaScript would be to put together a much lighter test page with only enough to test.

However, even if the script can be fixed, IMHO, you should consider reducing the weight of the page. Perhaps simple images that link to pages with only a single media file? If the page loads slow for me and Google, there’s a good chance you’re losing a lot of potential visitors. If it loads relatively fast for you it’s probably because you’re pulling the files from cache, but new visitors haven’t cached them.

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Not sorry,i’m working on site,i changed countdown,changed all plugin wordpress.it was very slow because I was changing so many things.Sorry.
I have changed also countdown but the problem I present is similar.
You can see this new video,with my new problem.

If you have solution for other countdown,i re-insert that countdown.

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