Ajax not grabbing url for me to parse

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make a weather app for Free Code Camp and I can’t get ajax to grab the url. I’m sure it’s something in how i’m creating the url but was curious if anyone could lend a helping hand/suggestion???

Really appreciate the assistance!!

  var Geo = {};
  if (navigator.geolocation){
  } else {
    alert('Geolocation is not supported');

  function error(){
    alert("That's weird! We couldn't find you!");

  function success(position){
    Geo.lat = position.coords.latitude;
    Geo.lng = position.coords.longitude;

  var key = 'c7e3b3ac66e765aa';
  var Weather = "http://api.wunderground.com/api/"+ key +"/geolookup/conditions/q/" + Geo.lat + "," + Geo.lng + ".json";

    url : Weather,
    dataType : 'jsonp',
    success : function(data) {
        var location =data['location']['city'];
      var temp = data['current_observation']['temp_f'];
      var img = data['current_observation']['icon_url'];
      var desc = data['current_observation']['weather'];
      var wind = data['current_observation']['wind_string'];
      $('#img').attr('src', img);

The code below the success function needs to be moved in there as well.

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Use your console log to see what error you’re getting.

I get this on JSFiddle, I’m not sure if it’s the same thing you’re getting:

	"error": {
		"type": "querynotfound"
		,"description": "No cities match your search query"

The reason is because you’re calling the success function, where the Geo is being set, before you call the ajax. You can fix that by wrapping the AJAX in a function and calling that after navigator.geolocation.getCurrent(). Then when you fix that, you’ll get the error “Please use POST”, so add the setting method:'POST' to your AJAX settings. Then I think it works.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Are you referring to the ajax method as well??

here is my codepen I have been messing with. If i put the ajax cal in the success function i get 404 error and if I take it out I get an Uncaught ReferenceError. Is using a method like @mawburn “better” or more used than the get method (i’m clearly new to this and just using what I have learned so far) :).


Thanks guys!!!

@Paul_Wilkins and @mawburn

Thanks for the help guys. I put the the key, weather and ajax in the success function and then fixed a couple other typos/issues I had and it’s finally pulling up the url and letting me parse through it.

Thank you guys VERY much!!!

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