AJAX Navigation (and Ad Loading) Read as Impression Fraud by IAS?

A while back we did an update to our site to do heavy AJAX navigation as people browsed lists and images, not requiring the page to do a full re-load each time the person went to the next photo or next page of the list.

We have ad banners in iframes on the page which get re-loaded or re-requested every time a user would open a new image or page in a list. So the entire page doesn’t have to reload, but the iframes do reload the ads.

Seems legit, no auto-refresh or anything like that, but looks like traffic auditing like IAS can pick up this sort of ad management as impression fraud.

Anyone else have issues with this? Better way to reload the ads? Thousands of large sites do it nowadays, so not sure what we’re doing to set off red flags.

all feedback appreciated!

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