AI chat up and flirting demo is mind boggling

I recently stumbled across the follow video which I find far too real and concerned about the implications. The demo is going to revolutionise communication and have me doubting any Zoom meetings if they are not face to face.

It appears someone is still writing code to control that. Indicated by the “breath” tag I believe. I don’t really consider that ai in the sense of learning. It is concerning that level reality can be achieved and controlled by a human being. If you had this you could effectively spread a false reality over social media. For example, literally putting words and actions into someones mouth they didn’t say or do. Dangerous considering the things we say and do on social media is reportable, last forever, and can be used in criminal prosecution under the us law. Just look at the fiasco with Trump over some words out of his mouth. Countless other examples of people loosing their jobs over mer tweets that someone higher up disagreed with. Now take that to the next level with video and augmented reality.

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