Aged Promoter, Out of the Current Loop, Re-grouping

I’ve promoted sites fairly successfully over past years, mainly with linkbuilding strategies. But those were times of old, obviously.

Now the rules have changed especially in the prior 2 or 3 years or so, drastically different in the way serps come up from different formulations, etc…

What might generally be a good strategy, with a budget of ‘no cost’ to get the traffic really rolling again?

In particular there is 1 consumer site in mind, a PR3 and still less than 6 mos old. Virtually no traffic. Is link building almost a no-go now? I take this attitude because as of this year I attained just under a dozen strong library links for another site and this had no bottom difference in PR or traffic (realizing PR to now be a wash at best)

I’m considering videos, wondering if I should put the vids on YouTube or right on the site (definitely increasing bandwdth!) and am too wondering also about the importance of social media like Facebook.

Will ‘company Facebook sites’ now be getting charged for postings as it is being reported? Do personal sites fair better for “networking” among other Facebook users traffic-wise anyway? ( it just seems easier to appeal to other users personally)

What if I want to promote 3-4 sites on Facebook – what’s the way to go, personal or company named? Seems if I do personally named, and promote 4 sites, what happens when one of the sites sells?

You don’t have to pay to post on your company facebook pages, but you have the option to ‘promote’ a post by paying which enhances the posts edgerank which then translates to a higher percentage of fans viewing the post. This is only really necessary for pages with poor quality content in their posts that doesn’t attract much interaction from the audience, or for pages with poor overall edgerank and uninterested fans. There are plenty articles you can read on why to choose a fan page over a personal account (99 times out of 100 you want a fan page). Whether facebook is worth the effort depends on what the demographic of your end product is, for some things it’s excellent, for others it’s inappropriate.