After Reconsideration Request - Still no Rankings

I had two websites A and B.

From the home page of Site A I gave 8 links to 8 imp pages in site B.
Refer to the thread started by me for this :

Soon after i linked my website A lost its google rankings.

I immediately removed the links and waited for 1 month. My ranking didnt recover. So I submitted a reconsideration request.

Google replied me two days before that they have completed their review on my reconsideration request. My rankings have not improved yet.

Please help me or guide me what should I do in this scenario.

The site is very important and I was enjoying a authority status in the niche.I lost nearly 1 lakh monthly visitors because of this.

  1. Should I wait for some more time for rankings

Anybody faced this scenario please guide me.

Bump…NoOne to guide

If your ranking does not change after a reconsideration request, then it means one of two things:

  1. There is nothing wrong with your site and it ranks where it ranks naturally (by far, the most most reason)
  2. You are still breaking the Google Guidelines that you agreed to when you submitted the reconsideration request that you weren’t (an very uncommon reason)

If my site ranks naturallly what will explain my loss of nearly a lakh visitors.

Of course it would. Site rankings go up and site rankings go down.