After installing Ceceppa Multilingua I get 404 not found

I worked with joomla so far, but I want to learn now wordpress. I tried to install a language plugin for multilingual website. The best that I found is Cecepa Multilingua.
After I installed this plugin I got on my site 404 not found. I disabled the plugin and the website worked.
Can someone give me any idea why I got 404 error?


Depending if your version of WordPress is 4.0+ then this theme has a problem with Yoast’s SEO plugin. If you have this enabled then disable it and see if it is causing your 404 issues. The author of this theme seemed to be working on this but it is not clear if they patched this issue?


Thank you Steve for answer but I don’t have any other plugins except the basic ones. Even I liked how Ceceppa looks in demo I tried Multilanguage by BestWebSoft plugin and works fine.
Like I said, I know joomla but I am new in wordpress.

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