After Apple went on the shelf, I received the following prompt. How can I solve it?

Error prompt content: Hello, Thank you for submitting your app for. We need additional time to evaluate your submission and Apple Developer Program account. During our survey, your submission status will be displayed as “Rejected” in App Store Connect. However, we do not need you to provide modified binary files or other information at this time. If we notice any problems that need your attention, we will notify you through App Store Connect. If we find no problems with your submission or account, the submission will be approved. If you do not receive our reply within 7 working days after receiving this message and want to query our review status, you can contact us through the Apple developer page to submit a request. Best regards, App Store comments.

As suggested in one of your other posts, why not ask in the Apple forums. Most members here are web developers rather than app developers, so you will be lucky to get answers to your app-related queries.

But isn’t community a platform for knowledge sharing? Why do we have to divide some special areas to exclude our applications? In addition, I can learn to think from another perspective. Isn’t that good? Isn’t this the original intention of the community?

I’m simply pointing out that we have few iPhone app developers on the forums here, so the chance of you getting an answer to your queries is not high. I should be happy to be proved wrong though. :slight_smile:

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