Affiliate Tracking / Link Tracking


I have a client using a Ecwid shopping cart and they need the ability to create links to affiliate websites that will allow for tracking who bought a particular item. The shopping cart doesn’t have this ability so I’m looking for other alternatives.

I need the ability to create a unique url for each affiliate and then track it and be able to tell if a purchase was made or not. Any ideas? Thanks

If they just need to be able to tell who made a sale without any reporting to “affiliates” a simple analytics tracking tag like what Google Analytics or Omniture support will do the trick and keeps their analysis in one spot.

However if they’re looking to build a larger affiliate program with reporting and open sign ups then fraud becomes a serious issue as does generating links and other assets for partners and the choice is between a self service script and a network like CJ or Linkshare. Scripts tend to be cheap but lack sophistication or dedicated time to preventing abuse while networks bring support, outreach and best practices but with a much larger overhead.

Thanks Ted,

I am attempting the Google Analytics route since that is a already installed on their site.