Affiliate tracking & <img src

What is the <img src used for, seen as the second line of affiliate tracking links?

Is this vital, given that the affiliate id is already appended onto the first line <a href ?

I also notice the <img alt as an optional second liner.

It’s used to track ad impressions, from which a click-through rate can be computed. It’s not used for conversion tracking, only secondary performance metrics.

Converting to an internal redirect page, sounds like I really don’t need it.

Assuming I don’t need ad impression/click through rate. - Wondering if the advertisers track this. Or if I’ll find the advertiser(s) might terminate the program with my site as a result of not having access to metrics.

I never include the <img> tag from Commission Junction-based text links, and no affiliate program there has ever terminated me for it.

Nice to hear!