Affiliate store: Woocommerce, Magento or...?

Hi! I’m new to Sitepoint. Have had a quick browse and I like it so far!

I have a question: One of my clients wants an online store, but it would be an affiliate store instead of a regular e-commerce site. The main functionality is that instead of ‘Add to Cart’ buttons for each product, it would be a ‘Go to offer’ button which opens a custom affiliate link. Of course, each link is unique and would need to be inputted manually.

Apart from checkout functionalities, it still needs all the other main functions of a typical e-commerce site - including ‘Related items’ with each product, ‘Latest products’ on home page, etc.

I managed all of the above with WooCommerce and some extra plugins, and whilst it works well, the website is very heavy from the coding tweaks and there are many coding adjustments - which also means possible issues with future updates.

Is there a better option, perhaps with another CMS? I’ve heard a lot about Magento…? My priority is clean, smooth performance.


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