Affiliate netorks with good international offers?

Hello! Do you know what networks work with a lot of international people and offers? I am in Russia, so that interest me a lot, but good to know in general for other people too.

[FONT=verdana]Well, Google Adsense is easily the largest and most successful of the ad networks, and it covers most countries in the world (including Russia).

In particular, it supports publishers in many countries (payment in local currency, etc) and also advertisers (ads can be targeted at specific countries).

This page might be useful to you: Google AdSense: A beginner’s guide

Many other ad networks also have a good international reach. It’s always worth considering other networks, but AdSense is the one with the largest ad inventory, which means that ads tend to be more relevant to a particular site, which in turn tends to mean higher value per click for the publisher.


Thank you. I am also looking for not just text ads, I want banners and to sell product related to what I do, the question is which ones are good for international or work with a lot of international people. thank you

[FONT=verdana]AdSense does support banners as well as text ads. It also offers video and Flash ads (they call it “rich media”). Unfortunately, you can only choose between “text” and “text + rich media”. In other words, you can’t specify text and images but not video or Flash. Many site operators find this is a nuisance, as they would like to prohibit Flash but keep images, which they can’t do.

As far as selling products related to what you do is concerned, AdSense (and similar networks) will serve ads according to the content of your site. If your site contains information about bike maintenance, the ads will tend to be about cycling, mechanics, and similar related topics. Beyond that, you can’t choose the products or services that you will be advertising.

If you want to carry ads for specific products (for example, a particular book on bike maintenance that you can recommend), then an affiliate programme would be a better bet. Amazon is the largest and best of these. However, as far as I know, most of these are country-specific. With Amazon, for example, if you advertise a product from (in the US), then your customer will be directed to Amazon’s US site, regardless of what country they are in. For that reason, I don’t think an affiliate programme would meet your requirement for one that works internationally.



Thank you. that is very good information. I did want to post links to specific products, but maybe i will wait first. i will do more research too.