Adwords: negative keyword match types

Hi all
I have a campaign selling insurance for roofers. However, looking at the search terms triggering the ads, search terms like “roof insurance” is showing up.
How can I sell insurance to roofers and not show up for people looking for roof insurance? Would I use a negative exact match [roof] ?

Use can use the - for negative match. So I’d reckon you could use roofers insurance -roof.
Maybe the keyword planner can help you here as well to play around with a bit.


Would I put roofers insurance -roof in the Search Keywords ta or the Negative keywords tab?

It’s been ages since I’ve used adwords so I’m not really sure about the layout anymore, but if there is a keywords tab and a negative keywords tab I would put ‘roofers insurance’ in the positive, and [roof] in the negative.

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