Adwords mindset

I would like to find some recourses that can help people get the right mindset when going into advertising trough adwords.

Are there any good recourses for that?

Well, I just jumped in and tried it, you learn a lot as you go along. Start with small amount of money, monitor the situation, and build up on that.

In terms of where to get answers, I generally find just typing into google a question will generally point you towards the adwords forum which can be helpful.

There’s also the google adwords youtube channel - that’s particularly useful if you’re starting out.

Go through this link

AdWords Help

I’ve already heard a few ppl say for newbies, going into adwords is only gonna make you lose money, is it true?


Going in without a plan, without regular optimization and without a funnel to measure & compare costs against will lose you money but that’s not a function of AdWords, that’s a function of you as a marketer.

As far as whether or not there can be a profit, well that depends entirely on your niche, the competition and your business model.

If you’re selling at a lower price picking up volume may be easy, on the other hand if you work off of a single sale and your competition is using a long term customer value, you’ll be fighting for last place.


I would definitely look at investing in Perry Marshall’s ebook - The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords.

It is easy to lose money in Adwords if you don’t really know what you’re doing, but you can make very good money from it if you have a bit more knowledge.

I purchased Perry’s guide quite a few years ago & it was well worth it, so if you’re serious about Adwords I suggest you pick up a copy.